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Работа в Обнинске / Резюме / Топ-персонал
39 лет (родился 13 января 1981), высшее образование
Обнинск, готов к переезду: Москва, Новосибирск 
Гражданство: Россия
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Head of Supply Department

Полная занятость, готов к командировкам
110 000 руб.

Опыт работы 17 лет

    • Октябрь 2018 – работает сейчас
    • 1 год и 10 месяцев

    Product manager

    MAHLE RUS, Обнинск
    MAHLE Aftermarket is present at 24 international locations, and several additional sales offices, with 1,555 employees worldwide and sales of EUR 899 million (2016). Our 7 brands represent innovation and uncompromising quality: MAHLE Original, Knecht, Be


    Development of the range of spare parts of the company in the Russian market of auto parts (for passenger, commercial vehicles, special equipment). Studying the entire range of the company: identifying interesting positions for the Russian market and organizing the delivery of these positions to a warehouse in Russia. Identification of the necessary items for our market, which are not in our range, and launching the development of these items for further entry into the range of the Russian unit (quantitative assessment of the position’s potential / assessment of the required cost / launch of the project through the central office / monitoring of the project until it arrives at the warehouse / tracking sales for a launched project - coordination and informing the sales department about the product).
    • Июнь 2012 – октябрь 2018
    • 6 лет и 5 месяцев

    Spare parts Sales manager for comersial vehicals

    Commercial network Podkova, Barnaul, Барнаул
    Automotive Business Auto Components, Parts, Tires (Promotion, Wholesale) Auto Parts, Tires (Retail).


    - Organization of the Department for the sale of spare parts from scratch; - Subordinate to 3 specialists; - Analysis of the market of cargo spare parts in the region; - Competitive analysis. Evaluation of commodity groups closest competitors; - Identification of the main competitors 'brands, introduction of the competitors' manufacturers to their assortment; - Formation of pricing policy together with management; - Work with distributors of cargo spare parts. Negotiations, negotiation of prices and working conditions, contracts. Working with such companies as GK Omega (OOO "Catalogistik"), Forum, Armtec, OOO "Germes" (Novosibirsk), LLC "Trakmotors", "MarisAvto" (Azimut), Corona Auto, Keninkom etc.; - Work with the range. The product line expansion to 5,000 SKUs; - Selection of product positions, analysis. The preparation of product matrix; - Analysis of the local market needs based on Rosstat data and additional sources of statistical information; - Active search for competitive brands in the local market; - Active promotion of brands to customers to obtain a share in the local market; - Customer service. Negotiations, personal meetings, consultations on the available range, identification of individual needs; - Processing requests from customers, search and provision of required products; - Elaboration of clients ' objections; - Solution of all issues related to warranty service; - Management of the range of car accessories 7 stores; - Work with the range. More than 4,500 SKUs; - Analysis of sales and development of the range of products, preparation of orders to the supplier; - Work with existing suppliers and attract new ones. Negotiations, coordination of individual and favorable conditions of cooperation; - Work with manufacturers. Development of direct contracts with manufacturers ("Sogefigroup" China, "Gazpromneft", " Hankook "(Atlas), AKB Bars; - Entry of goods to the warehouse, distribution to the shops in accordance with sales and market conditions (seasonality, peak activity); - Control of inventory in the warehouse and in stores; - Setting tasks for employees and monitoring their performance; - Feedback to specialists on the results of work; - Management of customer database in Bitrix24; - Control of sales plan implementation; - Control of maintenance and processing of the client base; - Active cooperation with logistics and marketing Department; - Joint development of promotions (seasonal, for promotion of specific products, etc.) and Commercial offers with the marketing Department; - Visits to exhibitions in Moscow (MIMS Automechanika Moscow, the exhibition "Interauto»); - Business trips in Russia (Omsk, Novosibirsk, etc.). Progress: - Monthly implementation of sales plans by the Department for 90 - 100%; - Sales growth in the systematic development of the range and its gradual expansion amounted to 20% from 2016 to 2017.; The product line expansion to 5,000 SKUs; - Conclusion of contracts with major suppliers and manufacturers of spare parts; - Effective range of 7 stores network (more than 4,500 SKUs).
    • Август 2010 – июнь 2012
    • 1 год и 11 месяцев

    Product manager / Category Manager

    Berg, Moscow, Москва
    Wholesale of spare parts for cars


    - Manage company's range; - Expansion of the product line, search for new brands; - Work with suppliers; - Timely preparation of orders for goods; - Scheduling of product orders for the year, broken down by amount, taking into account the terms of delivery; - Analysis of market needs, the study of the car Park sales region based on Rosstat data by year; - The study of prices in the market, analysis of competitors pricing; - Monitoring the range of competitors ' brands, search for new brands and economic justification of work with them; - Development of the range of brands by product groups, range and depth based on customer requests; - Analysis of the content of the warehouse with the help of information in CRM, the formation of reports on sales and availability of goods in the warehouse. Preparation of plans for goods orders based on the sales plan and taking into account overhead; - Work with a large number of items (from 500 to 3000 SKU in one brand, the total number of working items-12-15 thousand); - Works with the brand: SKF, Monroe, TRW, KYB, Delphi, Nissens, etc.; - Identification of uncompetitive and unclaimed positions (illiquid) formation of a proposal for the implementation of illiquid; - Close cooperation with the sales Department. Bringing information about new products and promotions of manufacturers and distributors to customers; - Collection of information about special orders from the sales Department and control of their implementation; - Study of technical features (characteristics) of the supplied goods, training from suppliers (manufacturers); - Study and promotion of warranty policy of different brands, feedback from manufacturers on technical issues and warranty service; - Monthly reporting of sales by sales, brands, product groups to management; - Participation in meetings with managers on the development of pricing policy and the formation of plans for the development of the company.
    • Август 2008 – август 2010
    • 2 года и 1 месяц

    Product manager

    Leading distributor of auto parts in Russia with a wide regional coverage.


    - Timely preparation of orders for the goods; - Analysis of market needs, price monitoring, search for new brands and economic justification of working with them; - Analysis of the contents of the warehouse and inventory; - Identification of unclaimed items their implementation; - Informing customers about new products and promotions; - Collection of information about special orders from the sales Department and control of their implementation; - Work with wholesale clients "Akcent-Avto, Automir (IP Kiriyenko), the Formula 22", negotiating, conclusion of contracts; - Providing sales reports on sales, brands, product groups; - Work with the service STATION on the warranty policy of the company KYB. Certification; - Preparation, coordination and verification of conditions for certification of service STATIONS under the KYB program; - Working trip to Tomsk for 8 months.
    • Апрель 2008 – август 2008
    • 5 месяцев

    Sales manager

    AutoCenter ANT, Барнаул
    Cars sale. Official dealer of Nissan, Lada, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Datsun brands


    - Work with clients; - Maintaining and updating the client base; - Advising clients on the company's products, on the supply, installation and operation of vehicle equipment, the need to pass maintenance AND service; - Tracking of stock balances, ordering of necessary items; - Market and new brand analysis; - Work with the service on maintenance issues.
    • Август 2003 – апрель 2008
    • 4 года и 9 месяцев

    Product manager

    Akcent-Service, Барнаул
    Car service


    - Control of warehouse status; - Work with the range of warehouse, constant monitoring of the market needs of the consumer, expanding the range of goods stock. - Management of the retail Department, control over the work of the retailer; - Work with suppliers, work with wholesale buyers; - Preparation of orders for body repair.

Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

- Experience in the sale of auto parts for more than 14 years; - Experience in managing the Department of 3 people; - Experience of development of the direction " from scratch»; - Successful experience in inventory / supply chain management in companies with a range of more than 5000 SKU; - Experience in managing the range of 7 stores (more than 4500 SKU); - Experience in building a inventory / supply chain management system; - Experience in negotiating at the level of top companies; - Business communication skills; - Sales management; - Effective management of sales Department; - Conclusion of contracts; - Excellent organizational skills; - Experience in procurement planning and implementation; - Competitor analysis; - Formation of pricing policy of the company; - Experience in the development of procurement policy for product groups and suppliers; - Expansion of the company's product matrix based on customer requests and market analysis results; - Optimization of procurement; - Supply logistics; - Analysis of the product line; - Computer skills: advanced user of MS Office, 1C 8.3, CRM, Bitrix24.

Дополнительные сведения:

Responsibility, independence, organizational skills, strategic thinking, high efficiency, customer-oriented. Leadership qualities. Focus on results and implementation of tasks. Ability to work effectively with large amounts of data. Ability to solve operational issues quickly. The desire for continuous professional growth and development. Willingness to take responsibility for their decisions. Ability to argue, prove the correctness of their decisions. Ability to communicate effectively with subordinates and heads of other departments. Active sports: skiing (cross-country+mountain), gym. Do not smoke.
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